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Eye Bolts

Thunder Threads™ is capable of providing many types of eyebolts. This includes stainless steel eye bolts and metric eye bolts in practically any desirable size. We welcome custom eye bolt inquries.
Custom Eye Bolts Thunder Threads can handle an infinite realm of custom eye bolts and special lifting eyes.  Simply provide us with your requirements and we can quote you according to your expected delivery date.  Stainless eyebolts, metric eyebolts, custom rod ends, custom turnbuckles, and custom eye nuts... no problem. 

We understand that many projects require custom specifications, but without the right part (on-time) you're project won't get off the ground.  Thunder Threads meets the needs of our global industry by providing special eye bolts, custom stainless eye bolts, and custom metric eye bolts on-time. 
Lifting eyes, Custom Turnbuckles, Eye Nuts When the task calls for eye nuts, lifting eyes or turn-buckles, think Thunder Threads™.  We stock an immense selection of such lifting products in a wide array of platings and materials

Regardless if you are looking for brass eye nuts, or a custom length turnbuckle, we've got you covered.  Turnbuckles come in a very wide arrange of lengths, ends, sizes, materials.  In fact, the possible combination can get exhausting.  However, rest assured that Thunder Threads is your one-stop-shop for all types of turnbuckles and custom turn-buckles. 
Metric Eye Bolts Since we handle many wind turbine fasteners, metric eye bolts is a very common commodity for us.  Din 590 lifting eye bolts and DIN 582 lifting eye nuts are readily available in carbon steel and stainless steelStainless steel metric eyebolts are more commonly found on equipment that are subjected to harsh envirments. 
Rod Ends Thunder Threads can make your rod ends in a huge array of materials including: stainless steel rod ends, inconel rod ends, hastelloy rod ends, monel rod ends, brass rod ends, metric rod ends, custom rod ends, 316 stainless rod ends, and 304 stainless rod ends.
Shoulder Eye Bolts Shoulder eye bolts, are forged eye bolts that are also known as lifting eye bolts.  These eye bolts are commonly used for lifting pumps, valves, machinery, and a wide array of equipment.  Thunder Threads stocks a huge inventory of lifting products such as shoulder eye bolts. 
Stainless Steel Eye Bolts Thunder Threads handles a large selection of stainless steel eye bolts, and custom forged eye bolts.  Many stainless eye bolts are found in marine and industrial applications and are beneficial for their resistance to corrosion.  In addition to many standard sizes, manufacturing special stainless eye bolts is a product that we excel in.
Standard Eye Bolts Thunder Threads stocks many types of standard pattern eye bolts.  Many patterns are available in zinc plated, plain finish, hot dip galvanized, and stainless steel.  There are in fact many different "patterns" of eye bolts.  Turned eye bolts, named because the head is not forged (it is turned), are usually used for light duty applications.  Whereas forged eye bolts / lifting eyes are commonly used to lift heavy equipment. 


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