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317LM Stainless Steel Fasteners

 317LM is considered a stainless alloy used in manufacturing 317LM stainless steel fasteners that offer a much higher degree of corrosion resistance than standard 304 stainless fasteners. Contact Thunder Threads™ today to learn more about 317LM stainless properties and how they may best fit your application.

Thunder Threads™ recognizes 317LM stainless steel fasteners as something that is requested by the industrial sector in many different products.  This alloy is more commonly found in wet flue desulphurazation units and can be made into products such as: 317LM stainless hex cap screws, studs, nuts, bolts, washers, and many other specialty products. To learn more about 317LM stainless and to discover how it is different from other similar alloys, contact Thunder Threads™.


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