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Monel K-500 K500 Fasteners

Monel Fasteners

Thunder Threads™ stocks a large inventory of monel bolts, monel nuts, monel flat washers, monel studs, and monel socket head cap screws. Thunder Threads considers Monel 500, also known as monel k-500, as an improvement of the monel 400 alloy. Small amounts of titanium and aluminum are added to the nickel-copper base which results in a harder alloy while keeping the similar chemical resistace of monel 400.

Common applications for monel 500 are used in pumps, blades, scrapers, collars, instruments, springs, and valves.

Monel k-500 can also be age hardened, which is a precipitation process. It should be noted that age hardened monel k500 fasteners have a increased risk toward stress corrosion cracking than monel 400. However the tensile strength of monel k500 fasteners is nearly double of monel 400. Monel k500 bolts also have triple the yield strength than that of monel 400 fasteners. This strength is consistent up to temperatures nearing 1200F.

Monel 500 fasteners are a non-magnetic, high nickel alloy that can possess a magnetic film composed of nickel on the outside. Bright dipping or pickling in acid can remove this film if desired.

Thunder Threads™ is the name to known when looking for Monel. Contact one of our sales professionals and allow us to help you in providing your project the right alloy for the right application.
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