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Monel 405 Fasteners

Monel 405

Thunder Threads™ considers Monel 405 to be very similar to its relative monel 400. They are pretty much the same excluding the fact that Monel 405 has controlled amounts of sulfur added to it that serve as chip breakers throughout the machining process.

Monel 405 hex bolts, studs, nuts, flat washers, and other fastener products are useful in providing protection in caustic and solutions that contain salt water or hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acids. Monel 400 fasteners and Monel 405 fasteners are more commonly used in the petrochemical industry within its acid processes and throughout the offshore industry to protect against the harsh environment inherent in saltwater. Other characteristics of monel 405 is that although it provides excellent protection to alkaline and acid salts, it is poor in resisting corrosion of oxidizing acid salts similar to ferric chloride. Industries use monel 405 fasteners in pickling batches, heat exchangers, refractory columns, and also scrubber systems.

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