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Inconel X750 Fasteners

Inconel X-750

Thunder Threads™ recognizes inconel as a very popular alloy used to make inconel fasteners. Different sub-alloys exist in which particular characteristics are more favorable for different application. One such sub-alloy is Inconel X-750. Inconel X-750 fasteners have an excellent resistance to corrosion, while also having the ability to withstand high temperatures up 1300º F. Inconel X-750 fasteners are available in many different types. This includes inconel X750 bolts, nuts, flat washers, nuts, socket head cap screws, studs, and specialty parts.

Inconel X-750 fasteners are more commonly used in gas turbines and other applications that require chemical resistance qualities similar to alloy 600 fasteners, while requiring a higher temperature and lower creep rate performance.

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