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Inconel 800 Fasteners

Inconel 800

Thunder Threads™ recognizes the inconel / incoloy family as one that possesses intrinsic properties that is desired in many different applications. In specific, Inconel 800 fasteners, which can also be called out as Inconel 800H and Inconel 800HT are an alloy derived from a nickel/iron/chromium combination. It is these ingredients that give inconel 800 fasteners their excellent ability to resist corrosion under a very wide range of temperatures. Inconel 800 can readily be made into Inconel 800 bolts, nuts, washers, studs, and a wide variety of specialty parts.

Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT are identical except for having an addition of aluminum and titanium. The high nickel concentrations make all of these alloys exhibit extreme resistance to chloride stress-corrosion. In addition the Inconel 800 and Inconel 800HT have excellent resistance to creep and stress rupture.

It is for these reasons why Incoloy 800 fasteners / inconel 800 fasteners are found in applications exceeding 1100F. These alloys are able to be cold formed and exhibit the favorable characteristics in which it can be welded on similar to conventional stainless steel fasteners. Applications where inconel 800 fasteners are commonly used include heat exchangers, power plants, nuclear facilities, and a wide variety of chemical and petrochemical refining applications.

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