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Inconel 625 Fasteners

Inconel 625

Thunder Threads™ considers Inconel 625 fasteners an excellent choice for applications that require excellent resistance to corrosion and an extremely wide range of temperatures. This non-magnetic nickel alloy has been known to exhibit its ruggedness throughout a range of subzero to 2000+F.

Incoloy fasteners such as Inconel 625 fasteners also represent resistance to alkaline, salt water, fresh water, and neutral salts environments with virtually no indication of attack. The molybdenum and nickel alloys within Inconel 625 stabilizes it against during welding. It is for these an many other reasons why alloy 625 fasteners / Inconel 625 fasteners are used throughout the industrial world. Contact a Thunder Threads™ employee and allow us to assist you in meeting your inconel fastener needs. inconel 625 fasteners hex bolts hex cap screws washers nuts bolts


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