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Inconel 600 Fasteners

Inconel 600

Thunder Threads™ recognizes Inconel 600 fasteners for its excellent ability to resist corrosion at high temperatures that is commonly found in the food, nuclear, and furnace industry. Since Inconel 600 fasteners were designed with high nickel-chromium content, its innate ability to resist corrosion from subzero to above 2000F makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications. Thunder Threads™ offers Inconel 600 bolts, screws, nuts, washer, hex cap screws, and socket head cap screws.

One should realize that although inconel alloy 600 fasteners is a common material for high corrosion / high heat applications, it is not precipitation hardenable. Meaning that it is only hardened by cold working. The inherent properties of Inconel 600 fasteners allow it to be highly resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Contact Thunder Threads™ for all of your hard-to-find bolting including incoloy fasteners.


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