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Nickel Alloys
Alloy Types 
Inconel 600 Fasteners

Inconel 600 is a nickel-chromium alloy that has an excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Since Inconel 600 fasteners are also resistant to chloride ion stress-corrosion cracking and caustic corrosion commonly found in the furnace, chemical, food, and nuclear industries.

Inconel 601 Fasteners

Inconel 601 fasteners are made from an strong incoloy alloy that highly resistant to corrosion at high temperatures. Inconel 601 fasteners are commonly found in the chemical, power generation, and aerospace industry.

Inconel 625 Fasteners

Inconel 625 also known as alloy 625, is a nonmagnetic, nickel-based alloy, that is highly resistant to corrosion even from cryogenic to 2000+F environments. Common applications include furnaces, gas turbines, and many other uses throughout the chemical and offshore industry.

Inconel 718 Fasteners

Inconel 718 fasteners are made from a precipitation-hardened nickel-chromium alloy which contains a large iron, niobium, and molybdenum. In addition to these ingredients smaller amounts of aluminum and titanium in order to give it the inherent thermal stability and corrosion resistance that the aerospace, nuclear, and chemical industry has known to trust.

Inconel 800 Fasteners

Inconel 800 fasteners, also referred to by more specific names such as Incoloy 800, Inconel 800H, and Inconel 800HT are nickel-iron-chromium alloys that possess great tensile strengths, superior resistance to corrosion, and stability when subjected to high temperatures. It is for this reason why inconel 800 fasteners are found throughout vessels, heat exchangers, and a wide variety of process equipment in the chemical and power generation industries.

Inconel 825 Fasteners

Recognized for its high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion, Inconel 825 fasteners are used in many different applications. Inconel 825 is a precipitation hardenable alloy that resist corrosion, crevice corrosion, pitting, and stress cracking caused in many aqueous environments that containing sulfides and halides.

Inconel 925 Fasteners

inconel 925 is known for its ability to resist corrosion in envirnoment of extreme temperatures, many applications throughout the industrial world benefit from the intrinisic properties found in inconel 925 fasteners.  Ask one of our representatives to help you distinguish which grade of inconel fasteners would best suite your application. 

Inconel X750 Fasteners

Inconel X-750 fasteners are made from a nickel/chromium alloy that has an excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, Inconel X-750 fasteners simiar to other inconel fasteners are used in a wide variety of applications, including gas turbines.


Monel 400 Fasteners

Monel 400 fasteners are known for their high strength and ruggedness while exhibiting a superior resistance to corrosion in a wide variety of environments. Alloy 400 fasteners are made from a high nickel solid solution alloy that can only be hardened by cold working.

Monel 405 Fasteners

Monel 405 fasteners are very similar to monel 400 fasteners. The difference is that a small amount of sulfur is combined to this alloy to give it sulfide inclusions. Monel 405 fasteners are considered a high nickel-copper alloy that is highly resistant to salt water and steam at high temperatures.

Monel K-500 K500 Fasteners

Monel 500 fasteners also known as monel K-500 fasteners, is a high nickel-alloy that is able to improve hardness to the advantages of the monel 400 fasteners by adding aluminum and titanium.

Nickel 200 Fasteners

Nickel 200 fasteners, made from a commercially pure (99.6%) wrought nickel, is desired for its great mechanical properties, and that it is also resistant to many types of corrosion in a wide range of environments. Nickel 200 is highly thermally and electrically conductive, making it a good fit for use in the aerospace, missile, and chemical shipping industries.

Nickel Alloy B2 Fasteners

Nickel alloy b2 is known for it excellent resistance to corrosion.  Its high nickel content gives it many properties that make it excellent for such purposes in the chemical and power generation industry applications.  Ask one of our associates for more information regarding nickel b2 fasteners and how it may be the best choice for your application.

Nickel Alloy B3

High nickel fasteners such as nickel b3 fasteners are very good at resisting corrosion.  To find out more about nickel alloy b3, ask one of our associates to see if this alloy is right for your application. 

Nickel Alloy C276 Fasteners known as a high nickel specialty alloys, thunder threads stocks a large amount of c276 fasteners including c276 bolts,  c276 nuts,  c276 hex cap screws, c276 studs and other specialty products.  This alloy is highly resistent to corrosion due to its intrensic high nickel properties. 
Nickel Alloy G-30 Fasteners Nickel alloy g-30 fasteners are known for their ability to resist corrosion.  Fasteners made of nickel G-30 are available from Thunder Threads™.


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