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Hastelloy B

Thunder Threads is known throughout the fastener industry as a great source for hard to find nickel fasteners such as hastelloy B-3.  This superalloy has an outstanding corrosiont resistance to hydrocholoric acit at all temperatures and concentrations.  in addition, it is very resistant to acetic, sulfuric, formic, and phosphoric acids, in addition to other non-oxidizing chemicals.  Hastelloy B-3 alloy has a certain chemical make-up that has been designed to perform in a higher degree of termperatures than that of its predecessors, HASTELLOY B-2. Hastelloy B-3 fasteners have remarkable resistance to pitting corrosion, and also resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and knife-line and heat-affected zone attack. 

Thunder Threads acnoledges hastelloy b hex bolts and fasteners for its outstanding anti-corrosive properties.  

 HASTELLOY B-3 is also suitable for use in applications previously requiring the use of HASTELLOY B-2 alloy. It should be noted that similar to hastelloy B-2, hastelloy B-3 is not recommended for use in the presence of ferric or cupric salts.  Such salts are known to cause rapid corrosion failure to these alloys.


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