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Nitronic Alloy 50

Nitonic 50

Thunder Threads has established its name within the fastener industry in providing hard-to-find stainless steel fasteners. Nitronic 50, a grade of stainless steel fasteners, offers a level of corrosion resistance and strength that is not found in any other alloy in its price range. Nitronic 50 out performs 316 stainless steel fasteners, 316L fasteners, 317 stainless steel fasteners, and 317L stainless steel fasteners in the area of corrosion resistance. Although many austentic stainless steel become magnetic when cold worked, nitronic 50 fasteners does not. This alloy is offers nearly twice the level of corrosion protection, while nearly double the yield strength. It is for this reason while nitronic 50 stainless steel fasteners are used for a wide variety of applications. Thunder Threads has the abilities to provide your project with nitronic 50 bolts, nuts, flat washers, socket head cap screws, and studs.

When the task calls for specialty bolting, contact Thunder Threads for all of your corrosion resistant fasteners.


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