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Haynes™ 230

Haynes 230

Thunder Threads considers Haynes 230 fasteners as an excellent material when using fasteners in conditions that require excellent strength at high temperatures. In addition , Haynes 230 fasteners are thermally stable, and are very resistant to corrosion thereby making them a great fit for applications in the powergen, aerospace, catalyst, and turbine industries.

Designed as an alloy to have stability at high temperatures, Haynes 230 fasteners are composed of a higher concentration of nickel/chromium/tungsten/molybdenum which delivers excellent strength at high temperatures, and resistance to nitrides. Haynes 230 alloy easily workable, meaning that it can be formed, welded, forged, and hot-worked.

Haynes 230 fasteners are also used in heat exchangers, and other high temperature applications where strength and stability are important. Haynes 230 bolts, nuts, screws, studs, washers, and socket head cap screws are available through Thunder Threads. Contact us today and allow us to deliver our experience in the fastener industry to your next project.


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