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Ferralium 255

Alloy 255, which may be known as Ferralium 255-SD50, Ferralium 255-SD40, Ferrilium 255-SD3AF, has been serving the many industries applications for its intrinsic corrosion resistant properties. It is considered a "super duplex” since it has a much better corrosion resistance than stainless steel. Alloy 255 fasteners are used in applications where stainless steel fasteners is not practical. The paper industry is a prime example of where Ferralium 255 fasteners can be found.

Ferralium 255 fasteners have a very high strength to weight ratio, along with a high resistance to caviation and abrasion. In addition, its resistance to choloride, and pitting makes it a worthwhile application in the marine industry which also acknowledges its high strength.

The industrial market has agreed that Alloy 255 fasteners offer a great financial alternative to other higher cost materials such as the high nickel alloy fasteners, and the brass and the bronze fasteners. For decades, the marine world has been loyal to bronze, however alloy 255 fasteners is starting to be much more common. Thunder threads can provide fasteners such as ferralium 255 cap screws, nuts, washers, studs, and bolts in this alloy. Contact us today, and allow Thunder Threads to handle all of your corrosion resistant fastener needs.


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