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Custom 450

Custom 450® Stainless is an alloy that is also known for blending the unique attributes of 304 stainless steel fasteners and 410 stainless steel fasteners together. It UNS S45000 designation is synonomous to Custom 459. This stainless steel alloy is easy to work with and offers the worker a great amount of febricity and applications in the medicine and aerospace industry. Thunder Threads™ is capable of providing your project with Custom 450 stainless steel fasteners within the required timeline. It is possible to provide finished parts in custom 450 bolts, nuts, washers, screws, studs, and socket head cap screws. The strength and resistance that custom 450 offers is a great fit for a wide variety of industrial applications. Ask a Thunder Threads™ employee on how we can meet your hard-to-find stainless steel fastener needs.


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