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Alloy 50

Alloy 50, AKA Nitronic 50, is a special grade of stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion, while also much stronger than other grades of stainless steel. It is for this reason why Alloy 50 fasteners are used throughout a wide variety of applications. It is for this reason that Thunder Threads™ offers Alloy 50 fasteners in a wide range of fasteners including bolts, nuts, washers, studs, screws, and socket head cap screws.

Thunder Threads™ recognizes Alloy 50, AKA Nitronic 50, as a special grade stainless steel that is strong and also highly corrosive. This grade of austenitic stainless has corrosion resistance greater than Types 316 and 316L, in while also yielding twice the yield strength at normal temperatures. Since Nitronic 50 stainless has inherent properties that allow it is worked with at normal and below-normal temperatures, Thunder Threads™ offer Alloy 50 fasteners to its customers at a moment's notice.


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