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B8, B8M and Class 2 / Strain Hardened

B8 studs, B8M studs, B8 class 2 studs, and B8M class 2 studs fall within the ASTM A193 / A1983M specifications for alloy steel and stainless steel bolting materials for high-temperature service.  Different variations exist for variations that include:
B8, B8A
B8M, B8MA, B9M2, B8M3
Alloy Types 
ASTM A193 B8 Thunder Threads is a domestic manufacturer of ASTM A-193 B8 studs, bolts, and stainless fasteners.  B8 studs are made from a unstabilized 18% chromium, 8% percent nickel, which is commonly known as 18-8 or AISI type 304 stainless steel by many in the fastener industry. 
ASTM A193 B8 class 2 / strain hardenedAs a domestic manufacturer, Thunder Threads is a great resource for ASTM A-193 B8 class 2 stud bolts and strain hardened fasteners.  B8 class 2 fasteners are essentially "work hardened" which is a strengthening of the fasteners material by plastic deformation.  This hardening process happens due to the dislocation movements within the crystalline structure of the stainless steel.  The result is a stainless steel bolt that is much harder than your conventional class 1 stainless fasteners, such as B8 studs.
ASTM A193 B8MThunder Threads is a domestic manufacturer for a full range of B8M fasteners, which include items such as ASTM A193 B8M studs, B8M Heavy Hex Bolts, and B8M threaded fasteners.  B8M stud bolts, which is made from austenitic steels is made from an alloy of 18% chromium, 10%nickel, and 2% molybdenum.  This alloy is also similarly known as AISI type 316 stainless steel fasteners. 
ASTM A193 B8M class 2 / strain hardenedThunder Threads is a domestic manufacturer of many type of fasteners made from ASTM A193 B8M class 2 stainless steel.  B8Mcl2 is a work hardened alloy that allows the fastener to exibit higher hardness values and tensile strengths than those of class 1 stainless B8 fasteners and B8M fasteners.  B8M2 studs and B8M2 hex bolts shall be used in elevated tensile applications where the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is required, however not at the expense of other higher nickel "exotic" alloys such as hastelloy fasteners and monel fasteners. 
ASTM A194 Grade 8M NutsThunder Threads offers the full gambit of ASTM A194 Grade 8 and Grade 8M nuts.  Our nuts are available from 1/4 - 6" in diameter, and are readily stocked in class 1 stainless nuts, as well as class 2 stainless nuts.    Grade 8M class 2 nuts are readily available to also be attached to their corresponding studs on our automated nuting system.  If you task can be made more efficient by attaching the stainless steel heavy hex nuts to the stud or bolt, contact Thunder Threads today.   


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