"Bolt Bins" VMI APP

Replenish your "bolt bins" in a snap with Lightning Bolt's award-winning app. Simply scan your bins, and approve the quote that is sent to your email. What's cool about it? IT READS OUR COMPETITORS LABELS!

#1 SCAN the items needed
#2 APPROVE the quote that is e-mailed to your inbox

Such core commodities include: fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers, pipe fittings, electrical terminals, abrasives, drill bits, safety, chemicals, tape, paint, gloves, and an endless array of MRO items.

In addition to being able to read our own barcodes, this app is capable of reading all of our competitors bolt bin labels. This includes Fastenal, Barnes, Kimball Midwest, Dottie, Imperial, Winzer and others.

To aid in the setup, we will be more than happy to help in organizing your bins with labels, etc…
To request help, labels, or a free trial of this app, please contact or call 225-272-6200



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